Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pics

Look at my adorable children! Megan informed me that they might be getting a little old for the whole dressing the same... but as long as I can get them to do it... I will. I love how they are all hugging in this picture... the next scene would've had them slugging it out!

Just another pic... turn your computers sideways for a correct look... I couldn't figure out how to rotate it once I downloaded it! Sorry! I love that the cat just had to rub on their legs. Look closely at their bows... London Bridge of all places had the perfect bows... but apparently they are toooo old for bows and have informed it this will be the last one ever...

Oh, and look at the happy family. I am one of those moms... you know, the ones who dress their family in matching clothes... well, not exactly matching clothes, but I usually pic a color and we all have that color in our outfit. Last year it was teal... pink the year before... brown this year. I think we look adorable!

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Chris said...

You do look great. And topped off with nice smiles. Very good.