Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Fever is GONE!!!!!!!!!!

Kali's fever broke last night about 6:30... 3 hrs after paying the dr copay to be told it would pass in 2-4 days. Oh well, better to know in my opinion. Now... no one else can get sick! She is still laying on the couch in my office, though, because you must be fever free for 24 hrs before sending a child to school. I'm not a fan of that rule and I will be even less of a fan come 2 o'clock when she is bored to tears and driving me batty! She is currently watching Cinderella... and she is very mesmerized... isn't there a Cinderella II????

My surgery is tomorrow morning. I'm not so worried about the actually surgery... more dreading the aftermath. I have gotten so many different after surgery reports from people, so I'm unsure what to expect. Some say it was wonderful, some say it was not so wonderful. I'm shooting for the I feel wonderful and I can breathe again feeling, but I guess we will see, huh??? The one question I forgot to ask.. when do I get to drive again????

I read an article on MSN this morning about self-esteem and daughters... the article said that children are having lower self-esteem at an earlier age. I didn't read the entire 6 pgs, but a good portion of it discussed how mom's feel about themselves and the things we say about our own bodies and how that leaves an impression on our kids. A little scary since I just started Weight Watchers! I know that for health reasons I need to lose weight, and I have made that clear to my entire family, but how do I balance that for my girls. I mean, I am just fine with who I am and what size I am... I mean, my self-esteem issues have nothing to do with being over-weight (frankly, my opinion in this is that if you can't like me fat I don't want to be your friend when I'm skinny) but I have lots of friends who worry about their weight and seem to be always on a diet. There have been many times that Megan has had to sit there and listen to a person who was a size 6-8 complain about their weight and I just wanted to bop them. And every time she hears one of those conversations I see her face fall because she knows she is overweight. Which I guess is the real issue... Megan is about 20 pounds overweight... her friends at school weight 80 pounds... Megan weighs 123. (She is 5'1" though, so I expect her to weigh more than the girls around her.) This is very frustrating for her and she wells up with tears anytime we say something (and by say something, we point out healthy choices, we don't tell her she is overweight)... which we do very carefully because the result is usually a puddle of tears. It also doesn't help things that Kali weights 57 pounds now (down 3 from 2 weeks ago)! Anyway, the article didn't address how you help your child be healthy without damaging their self-esteem... and I think it needed to. We are a society that is worried about what we were, what our hair looks like, and what we weigh... this is what we are passing on to our girls. There is nothing wrong with being healthy... but to obsess over it like some of the people I see around me is not ok...

Ok.. I'll get off my soapbox now... the article just frustrated me!


Shelley said...

Good Luck with the surgery. We will be praying for you tomorrow. Glad Kali is better... Self esteem is so hard. There is so much that factors into it! Just continue to do the best you can for yourself and your girls :)

Amy's Gang said...

I hope you walk out of that hospital a new, breathing out your nose, woman! We'll remember you in our prayers!