Thursday, January 24, 2008

Responsibility missed him...

Read no further if you are not in the mood to listen to a rant!

My mom called to tell me that baby Makenzie has the same syndrome (whose name I do not know) that baby Alyssa has.

Here's where my rant begins... what in the crap were my brother and his girlfriend thinking???? When Alyssa was born and the genetic testing showed that there was a defect in Ashley's chromosomes why did no one go get fixed???? I get that they were doing the safe thing and taking the pill... obviously no one was in class the day they talked about how birth control is not always effective... but would you really just leave it at that if the dr's said you had this issue????? So now, my little brother (who is on his 4th kid by his 3rd girl) is living with his girlfriend, her 5 yr old son, and their two special needs kids... oh and I can't forget the kid that is his that he has on the weekends! To top it off... they don't even have a vehicle that will hold all of the children and Ashley refuses to drive a mini-van because they aren't cool. Well, I'm sorry but didn't you give up the right to be cool when you had 3 kids by the age of 20????

Obviously I would never say any of this to either of them, because that would be unkind... but seriously, when are they going to wake up???? My little brother has always been irresponsible and self-centered and I guess I'm just annoyed that he is still being this way.

Keep them in your prayers... my Sunday school teacher said that sometimes things like this happen in a persons' life as a means to bring them back to the Lord. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that... because at this point it looks like He will have to heap a bunch more on them to get them into church... and I'm not sure how much more my parents can handle of the heaping!

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Amy said...

Amen! Don't even get me started! Sometimes I am left with the feeling of...are they ever going to change or are they ever going to stand up and take resposibility for their actions. I think now I am at the point of...NO! They aren't and I CANT CHANGE THEM!!! Take a deep breath and thank God for YOUR life, and YOUR husband and YOUR kids! That's what I always have to do.