Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK Day...

I'm pretty sure I work for the only institution in town that is having class today... and being that I am such a great teacher I gave my own students a walk (I mean online assignment), but the education class that I am taking is still meeting. I have four hours to get dressed and make my way into town... I wonder if that will happen!

Kali has had a loose tooth for a few weeks and no matter what I did she would not try to pull it out. Well, last night, on the way to bed she ran into the wall (she is sooo my child) and out pops her tooth. She had that panicked sort-of cry.... you know, I'm not sure if I hurt but their is blood gushing from my mouth... and came running into the living room screaming about her tooth. I'm not a fan of gushing blood so I did the good mommy thing sent her to her dad and pushed it out of my mind... until this morning when she got out of bed and asked where her tooth was... OOPS! I'm still not sure where the tooth was, but Rt put money in his coat pocket and took the coat to her... he told her that the tooth had been in his pocket so to check in there... and wow... there was a $2 bill in the pocket! That amazing tooth fairy can find a tooth anywhere, apparently!

One last thing before I forget... I am having a pampered chef party on Friday night... this is my open invitation to all who might want to come... if you live to far away but are interested here is my consultant's website... check it out! Just so you know, the January special is 20% off of stones and since I have broken my two favorite stones in the last few months it is time for a party!

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Tammy M. said...

Glad you are on the mend. I don't even know why you had surgery! I am counting the minutes before I head out to my first day of the seminar. I am on Texas time so I have been up for HOURS!