Thursday, January 02, 2014


Oh Abilene. Can a town cause a person to have anxiety? I roll into Abilene to pick of the girls & pretty much the entire time we are here, I spend trying to calm myself as I am as wound up as a person can be. In fact, we are almost to Clyde & I still can't breathe right.

I know that many of you LOVE Abilene & that you'll look at this post like I need a place in the looney bin, but I don't love Abilene. Abilene may not hold more negative memories than positive, but the negative memories are indeed the strongest, apparently.

I tried to make a list of things I'll miss, but that list was very short & was just the names of a handful of friends that I wish I could take me. I've lived in Abilene for 32 years and what I'll miss are a HANDFUL of friends. Did you catch that?! It is very clear to me that I don't 'fit' in Abilene. I never have. I ask too many questions & am too outspoken to every truly fit.

So as I watch Abilene disappear in my rear view mirror, I just wanted to say 'goodbye for now' to that handful of friends. Our paths will cross again. I'm sorry if you felt like I snuck out without saying my proper goodbyes, I just simply needed out.

Almost to Baird & I can finally breathe again....

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