Thursday, January 16, 2014

You're not my type...

Such a hard lesson to learn when a boy says those words to a teenage girl. But here's the thing kiddo, you don't want to be his type.

1. He made fun of the little emo girl, which says he's a bully & doesn't understand differences.
2. He accused you of cutting, just because you defended little emo girl, which says he lacks compassion.
3. He said skateboarding was not for girls & that it was a manly thing to do, which quite honestly says he's either got some insecurities or is being raised in an awfully sexist home.
4. He called you Malibu... Like the Barbie. Yes it's a cute little nickname, but you are so much more than your long legs & blonde hair.

So sweet girl, be his friend. Show him compassion. Model for him what it means to be a caring & compassionate person. But do not waste any tears over this boy, because quite honestly, he's not YOUR type.

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Rayna Pollard said...

you know what, I think I like you. You sound really good at relationships and stuff. and by like i mean, as a person, I dont have some crush on you cuz ima girl, i dont want that to sound like im making fun of lesbians tho cuz i have a friend whos a lesbian and shes relly cool.