Thursday, November 15, 2007


Sorry to be all down in the dumps yesterday! After posting yesterday I decided to go get some good ole Burgers and Fries because I loooovvveee their very thick handcut french fries and whoever had cut the fries the day before made them shoestring! Talk about fitting into my day... I called Rt to tell him and he laughed very loudly! Oh well... everyday is a new day!

Today has been a better day... I think it was because I don't teach an 8am on Tues/Thurs. 8am classes are full of people who don't really want to be there and that makes a classroom difficult to deal with.

I have a question for you mothers out there... How do mornings go in your house??? I'm only asking because we struggle sooo much in the morning. It would help if I would get out of bed on time, but 6:30 is soooo early. I thought that getting out of bed would be easier as I got older.... but it's been the opposite. So... do you just bounce out of bed??? Is there some secret to it??? Give me some ideas!


Looney Mom said...

I have no advice. I HATE mornings. I am lucky to NOT have to run around like mad in the mornings anymore since I homeschool, but I just hope I'm not teaching my kids to be slackers since we don't get up until 8 or 9. I hope things do get better for you!

Shelley said...

A good burger and fries always does the trick :) Mornings at our house are so routine... I get up at 630, throw on makeup and fix hair while downing coffee... wake the girls up at 7, dress them quickly, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and fix hair. We do lots of prep the night before... pick out clothes, bathe, begin lunch packing! It works for us... Maybe this helped?!?!