Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am....

I am a cuddler - HECK NO... give me my personal space please
I am a morning person - if I get to sleep until at least 7am and I've gottent to sleep allllllll night
I am a perfectionist - discouraged perfectionist
I am an only child -was until I was adopted... now I have two brothers
I am currently in my pajamas - true
I am addicted to my blogger-- yep
I am shy around people AT FIRST - not at all
I bite my nails - yes
I can be paranoid at times - yes
I currently regret something that I have said - everyday something comes out I regret
When I get mad I curse frequently - ha ha oh how true
I like someone - I like lots of people
I enjoy country music - true
I enjoy jazz music - not so much
I enjoy smoothies - yes... strawberry banana please
I enjoy talking on the phone - could talk for hours.... I have 1200 min on my cell, use them all each month
I have a lot to learn - heck yeah... don't we all
I have a pet - 4 cats, 6 dogs... (country living... and all the puppies not staying)
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal - yes
I have all my grandparents - nope... just my mom's parents
I have been told that I am smart - smartass maybe... jk
I get higher then C's in school - in everything except adv grammar
I have broken a bone - do toes count?
I have Caller I.D. on my phone - on all my phones
I have bathed/showered with someone - just hubbie... again I need my personal space...
I have changed a diaper - yep... glad those days are over
I have changed a lot over the past year - yeah
I have done something illegal - I'll never tell....
I have friends who have never seen my natural hair - true
I have had surgery - yep, gallbladder and tubal
I have killed another person - no...but if i did why would i put that on here?
I have had my hair cut within the last week - must get paid... so Shane will be doing it July 5th
I have had the cops called on me - not that I remember but high school is a bit foggy
I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't - yep

I don't normally do these but this one made me laugh... so I guess I need to Tag someone else... Holly your it....



The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

That's great! I haven't seen that one before. I thought it was funny. And I have a blog friend who put on her blog that she' has broken all 10 commandments, so people do get pretty personal on here!

Anna said...

That is too funny! I saw it on Holly's. I'm gonna have to do this..

Cheerio's on my butt? said...

Funny! I gotta do this one!

~d said...

*the husband is adopted. It is funny when we go out with his mom how people comment on how much alike he and his Mom look-or which traits of hers our boys have picked up.