Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Fun

Robert and I were outside earlier trying to find the leak in the air bubble that sits on the top of the pool... never found it. I am pretty sure that this pool thing is highly overrated! Anyway, while we were working... or actually while he was working and I was sitting in the chair supervising... I heard a funny noise from behind me. Our kittens were playing in the ball return net on the bottom of the basketball net... and got their heads stuck... both of them. I ran over to the net and wrestled it off of their necks. What would make a kitten stick its head through a net and why did it fit on the way in and yet didn't come out so easily?

While we were outside the girls were supposed to be cleaning their disastrous playroom. Next thing I know the window pops open and Megan screams "Kali is cutting her hair"... Kali cut a good chuck out of the side of her hair. I don't get her... she tells me all the time how she wants to have hair down to her butt... so why does she keep cutting it? Is there some medical condition that makes kids cut their hair? It's as if when she is holding the scissors there is some magnetic pull to her hair. Needless to say she received some punishment and I told her that the next time it happened I would just cut her hair off..... now... what do I do if she actually cuts it again?

I am sitting on the couch dreading tomorrow... my friend called and wants to go to the gym for spin at 6AM... what an ungodly hour during the summer. Then I teach from 9-2 at CJC... teach at the prison from 6-9 with an hour drive on either side of that one! I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head... calgon take me away... and we aren't even to Monday yet!



Tammy M. said...

Hide the scissors! If it is any consolation, her hair will definately grow back. If I had to guess why Kali cuts her hair, I think Kali likes the excitement of what that hair cutting causes, I have witnessed her get into a bit of trouble with you around and can see the grin on her face when you are reprimanding her, but wait, you have a grin on your face too! Hmm.

Rebecca said...

Scissors and hair just don't mix. Did you get up and go spin? Brave soul.

Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

Hmm.. I never cut my own hair.
Just the cat's.
Hehe, poor kitty.
Anyways, just letting you know that I am still breathing and there's a new post on my close-to-abandoned blog. :)