Sunday, June 11, 2006


So... this is summer? I usually teach a couple of classes each summer session so that I can have a little money for the kids and I to play with. Because of some changes at CJC I ended up with 3 there and one at the prison... all during this first half of the summer. My kids don't seem to mind hanging out with the babysitter, but I am feeling a bit guilty about deserting them. I am killing myself trying to make sure we still make it to the pool and do the usual summer stuff and I still have to make time to prepare for each class. I keep telling myself that there are only 3 more weeks of this craziness and it will all be over... but I am beginning to wonder if I will make it. I haven't even had time to catch up on my favorite blogs and it is driving me a bit crazy.

The 'peek inside me' challenge for the week is to show you a pic of our feet... including our heals. I think that since I had a pedicure this week I won't participate... not to mention that I couldn't figure out how to take the pics with the detail of my cracked heals. EWWW! Anyway, contact Cheeriobutt and tell her you want to play.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is well... I miss reading your blogs and your comments. Only 3 more weeks of this and life will again be peaceful.



Robert said...

Peacful life? Promises, promises.

Nicole said...

It will calm down soon and you can fully enjoy the summer. Hey! Make the money while you can. Ya know? Then you will have the money and can have as much fun as you want!

I would play the heal game(maybe), but I havn't quite got the know how to do the picture stuff. I'm sure everyone will be disappointed to NOT see my heals. Who thought of that anyway? It IS kind of nasty!

Anna said...

I think I'm gonna keep my funky heels to myself. I only save sexy details like that for my husband ladies. Sorry to dissapoint. LOL

You do sound very busy, but you are making money so you can do fun things with your kids, so keep that in mind. I am considering going back to school soon, so I am wondering how I will handle that extra load as well. Good luck!

HolyMama! said...

hang in there!

Rebecca said...

That's got to be bad for morale-- students running around in flip flops and shorts while you're still in school. At least it'll be over soon. :) This too shall pass.

Cheerio's on my butt? said...

hang in there! Thanks for referring me! See ya soon!