Monday, June 26, 2006


My mom watches my kids on Monday nights, while I teach at the prison... tonight my brother was hanging out there as well. Apparently my oldest, Megan, was acting a bit goofy.... she asked Uncle David if she was dumb and of course he said no... so she said 'am I stupid'... always the kind uncle... he said he had to look it up in order to give a correct assessment of her stupidity.

Well... apparently one definition of the word stupid is 'acting silly or foolish'... so indeed, she was behaving stupidly. AUGH! Do you know how hard I have worked to eradicate words like: stupid, dumb, hate, can't, etc? So now, because of my loving brother, Megan has a new definition of the word and a correct way to use it. I can't wait until he has kids of his own!



~d said...

We have a friend who loves torile my children up before bedtime...His first baby is due in December. He has NO CLUE what he is in for. HAHAH

Yellow Mama said...

All it takes is one person redefining everything you taught them...but even that can be straightened out. What is funny, is when they start hearing about sex, and have everything all messed up. Oooh, I must blog about this...I have a few stories!

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

OH man, we don't use that word in our house, but maybe now I will use it with the hubs and see what he says!! LOL, I can't wait!

wreckless said...

My sister is already paying me back with noisy toys and gifts. I guess I didn't realize what cacaphony I was delivering to her house via gifts and good intentions. Regarding those "stupid" words you try to eradicate, I have a post about this in one of my archives. I have only been writing for 3 months and not prolifically so it shouldn't be hard to find. It is entitled "bad words" I believe.
Thanks for visiting. What do your teach at the Prison?

Cheerio's on my butt? said...

Hi there! I gave you the peek award for this last week! Thanks for being so brave. Talk to ya soon!