Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Third day in a row....

Have you ever had one of those weeks... you know, the weeks where you had better laugh because if you don't you'll cry? Well, this is that week for me. On Monday, I was taking the kids to Robert, so I could drive to the prison for my weekly gig and some stupid woman pulls over into the turning lane in front of me, pulls into Lawrence Hall, and then immediately backs up. Not only did she NOT see me as she pulled over in front of me, she didn't see me when she threw it into reverse and backed into my little red car with her giant SUV. Here is the comical part, though, being a new standard driver there are some things I cannot do... I learned from this experience that I cannot turn, shift, and honk my horn at the same time. No damage, by the way... I was just late to the prison.

On Tuesday, my little red car started making a funny popping noise... nothing cooler than sitting at a red light in the camaro and the car is emitting a loud popping noise. I called Robert to let him know what was happening... his response "I'm not a mechanic." If his response wasn't bad enough, I ran home to get my swimsuit for a relaxing trip to the pool and the car died. I got it started and got it home. Robert came and checked it out... alternator frozen. $100 later... and only 20 min of his time the car was fixed... but still a pain in my butt.

Last but not least, we cannot forget today! Driving home from the pool this evening I see a truck with a cattle trailer on the back driving down the access road (frontage road for those not in Abilene)... 5 lanes over! Next this I know, the cattle trailer came unhitched and started its own journey across the five lanes of traffic, directly at the 5 of us on the road! WHAT?!! Luckily the 4 cars around me all saw what was about to happen and we were able to slow down. No accident... trailer landed in the bar ditch with quite a thud.

Anyway, needless to say life has had some interesting moments this week... and it's only Wednesday...I have always heard bad things come in threes... can I call the trailer #3 even though it missed me?


Oh.... and can someone tell me why when I have such a deep post on my blog... look at yesterday's post... no one ever makes comments? Wait... one comment by email... one posted... so where has the love gone?


Cheerio's on my butt? said...

Dude! I would be worried that something's out to get me! Sorry for the bad day! You were tougher than me! And I just got to read your deep post too. (I'm on a computer ban by the kids). My redo day would have been when I dropped out of high school.

holly said...

Maybe someone is just out to get The Little Red Car.

SuperMom said...

Oh my gosh. You are SUCH a Texan. You used the words "bar ditch".

I'm behind on blog reading. Hold yer horses, missy, I'm gettin' to the deep post!! ;-)