Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My life...

I HATE WEDNESDAYS! There, I said it! Do you feel my pain?
My kids are tired from a day of school... I am tired from a day of work... we have to come home, get cleaned up, and drive the 20 min to the church. Church lasts 1 hr on wednesday nights, at which point my husband comes and picks the children up, so he can take them home and fight with them about going to bed. I have choir practice, so I usually roll in about 9:30pm.
I know that I should be feeling all excited about the opportunity to worship/serve my Lord... but I'm not feeling it. Our church has "Prayer meeting" on wednesday nights for the adults... can I just say how very, very boring prayer meeting is? By the time we are done with the prayer meeting part and the preacher does his little speell I am done for... It is all I can do to sit through it. I get that church shouldn't be all about me... that I should be willing to serve... and it won't be all fun and games... BUT come on! I have not actually gone to prayer meeting in at least a month, because I physically cannot handle it. By the time I walk out of the fellowship hall my head hurts so bad I want to vomit. My solution to this problem has been to drop my children off at G.A.'s and either go run and errand until choir practice or to read my book for the lit class I am taking. I hate that I am not being fed on wednesday nights... I hate that I have such feelings of disgust about the entire process.

Ok... I'm done venting now... sorry if I offended anyone (not that anyone reads my blog anymore according to site meter)... just had to get it out!


Roxanne said...

Well, I still read your blog-ola. . .but I haven't had lots of comments later either, so everyone is a bit stressed.

I feel your pain. . .I have a different story, but Wed. nights are very, very hard for us as well. Maybe you could approach someone about starting a ladies' class--just be prepared for them to ask you to help. Or maybe there is an "older" woman who would be willing to do a ladies' Bible study/prayer meeting on Wed. night. I know all the years I taught Wed. night ladies class, about half of it was prayer request/discussion/praying--and the other half was actually teaching.

There may be someone who feels the same way and is willing to take it on.

Sarah said...

I LOVE our Wednesday night service -- but it still gives me hives trying to get there and get back home. And don't even get me started on Thursday mornings. YIKES. You are NOT alone!

Tammy M. said...

I remember in a bible study, the teacher, said that because she travels around alot she would often visit different congregations while in a new city. She said that they were not all like her home church and that she sometimes would feel let down from the service. She started asking God to open her heart to what was being spoken and for Him to show her what she needed to take away from the service. She has never left a service since feeling like God had not spoken to her. Jessica I think you need to get happy where you are, ask God for that. It seems to me that you are always unhappy with your church, no matter where you are, the people, the service, listen to God and find your fulfillment in Him and not the circumstances around you. There are people who live in foreign lands who sit or stand for hours in a building with no air conditioning, under a tree, just to hear words from scripture, they long for the word of God no matter how it comes to them. We are spoiled in our country, we have become consumers in our own churches, we will take this, but not that, I don't like this brand so I will try another, when it all boils down to the basics I am not sure that God rejoices that we have turned church into a mall experience, waiting to be wowed. God created us and all that is surrounds us, he sent His son to be crucified for us to be redeemed, we worship him because of it, every minute of every day, at work, at home, and at church it is in the very essense of our very beings. Choose to find joy in your prayer meeting, find other people that need a friendly face, there will be people around you that need encouragement and a smile. You are a great encourager, use your gift. Am I too harsh?

Rebecca said...

We're on a team, planting a church up in the Sierra Nevadas. Our lead pastor's wife always tells new people, "'NO' is a complete sentence." There's no spiritual reason to wear yourself out on the churchy "stuff." As long as you're meeting with other believers every week, taking a day of rest, being a light at your job and your home, and getting to know God personally in your quiet times, you're doing what's necessary. Everything else is "stuff" that needs a good veto now and then. Churches get into trouble when they load people down with so many functions that they can't shine in the secular world.

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Currently we have nothing on Wednesdays, but my hubby just got a new job, and they have prayer meetings on WEd. I am so excited about going to a praying church!! I hope I don't get frustrated and bored like you. LOL. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!