Saturday, September 02, 2006

AIn't life fuN!!!!!

What a week it has been! Thanks for all of the advice about ways to keep my memory functioning... I have started to use my outlook and will get a pda to synchronize and carry around with me... and I will be using billpay from the bank to help out as well. Maybe all of this will help... it better!

This week has been full of happenings that I haven't had a chance to share with ya'll yet... so here goes!

Monday I went to a free lunch at school... again SALAD... why do they powers that be think that every adult likes to eat salad? There are some 30 yr olds who barely eat green beans much less salad... I am thinking that I am going to have to grow to love salads if I want free food! I should note that when they say free what they really mean is that they are going to feed you while you sit and listen to the many different things they want you to do, be involved in, or give to.

On Wednesday night, I was cleaning out Robert's truck and the puppy went between my legs and (I thought) under the truck. I closed the door and went inside... no big deal. Thursday morning Robert went outside to take the girls to the bus and all of a sudden I heard "JESSSICAAAA" in a not very nice tone! I ran as quickly as my 5 inch adorable yet not functional wedge shoes would take me to the back door and guess what I saw. The puppy had not gone under the truck... instead she had jumped into the truck. She did look awfully cute standing on the dash, tongue out, wagging her tail. She did piddle on the dash and on one of my text books... but not in the seat or on anything important!

Last night I went to the mall to see a movie with a friend. We saw You, Me, and Dupree... which was very difficult to watch knowing that Kate Hudson had left her husband for Owen Wilson... or something like that! It was funny... and yet very stupid... Before the movie I sat outside waiting for my friend to show up... as I waited there were at least 30 kids dropped off who had to be 6th grade and below... WHAT IN THE WORLD? Last year, a police officer was assaulted by a mob of teenage girls... you would think the mall would make some rules about an age limit to be unsupervised at the mall! After the movie, my friend and I were standing outside talking while she smoked her cigarette and these kids walked by complaining very loudly about the smoke... mind you we were standing in front of my truck... no where near the isle and not in anyone's space. After that the kids walked over to Windy's black trans am and started touching and looking in the windows. Windy hit her key fob button to make the lights come on... the kids realized who did it and started talking smack. What in the world? Windy didn't say anything about her car, she just hit the button to make them realize they were being watched... when did it become ok for kids to behave in such a way? We jokingly laughed about how we must be too old to go to the mall on a weekend but come on... why can't parents just be responsible for their kids?

OK... I think I have exhausted my happenings for the week... I hope all is well for everyone... I am going to try and catch up on my reading today!!!!

(I tried to download pics of my shoes and the puppy but blogger is smokin' crack agaiN!)


Angel said...

Ok I KNOW the template didn't look like this before! Either that or I AM the one smoking crack. I LOVE THIS LOOK! IT'S FANTASTIC!!!! Great job!!!

As for your post... that encompasses EVERYTHING I find disturbing and wrong with today's kids and it infuriates me to no end. I would have certainly been less kind about this situation in person and in writing about it. I'm sorry you had to deal with such unruly kids. You expressed my sentiments exactly... only nicer! LOL! I'm raising my kids to prove to the world that kids will NOT act like this when a parent actually cares and "parents" instead of trying to be your kids friend.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, the other day I caught myself thinking "Kids these days!" And then I thought, wait, I'm only 26, and I'm OLD already! I really don't get why parents think it's great to let their kids run wild, especially with the rising numbers of sex predators everywhere. How the heck can that possibly be safe? Not to mention the havoc they wreak on the places they hang out in.

P.S. Billpay is revolutionary! Especially for forgetful procrasinators like me. LOVE it.

Sarah said...

Okay, "kids these days", yeah, yeah, but free food -- it's either salad or barbeque. Ewwww, all the way around. Makes you really debate exactly how much you WANT free food.

momrn2 said...

Just stopping by to say thanks for your recent visits to "My Quiet Corner" and the comments you have left!!

Please feel free to stop back by again ANYTIME!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I hate salads! I've tried to be like the other adults in the world and eat be cool. I just can't do it. Occasionally if it's at a nice place, I can do the salads that are full of meat cheese and fruit. But iceberg lettuce? GAG!!!!