Friday, September 28, 2007

Busy, Busy...

I started to list all that we have to do this weekend and it isn't all that much, but it seems like a lot. Kali has a sleepover tonight to go to, but she has to be at the AHS game tonight and a soccer game in the morning. Bet she'll be in the best mood for the soccer game!

I do need some advice. My niece is having her bd party this weekend and I cannot decide if we should go. My little brother and the baby's mom are not married and their break-up was not exactly nice. The mom hasn't exactly been a nice person and I frankly don't want to go to a party with her and all of her family. I suggested to my brother that we all go out to lunch and celebrate her bd, but he didn't seem interested. Not to mention the party is on Sunday at the same time that I promised the girls we would go see Junie B. Jones. Give me some advice... what do I do?????

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Shelley said...

Go see Junie B! I have decided you cant live your life trying to please other... just take care of your sweet family of four! Send a gift and a birthday wish... Have a great weekend!!!