Sunday, September 23, 2007

My weekend....

Thanks Amy for your comment. It's just nice to know people are reading! Heehee! I used to say I blogged just for me and I do sort-of... it's just that sometimes you need to know people care! haha!

Ok... so about my trip this weekend. Our music minister was called to another church and has been gone for about 3 wks. His wife is one of my favorite people and Amy, Karen, and I have all missed them both terribly. So... we decided to go see them. We packed up Saturday morning and drove to my cousin's lakehouse (thank you so much Brooke) and Krista was to meet us there! That's where all the normalcy ends! When we got to the lakehouse we found that a hose under the sink had busted and the entire bottom floor of the lakehouse was flooded. We found the water meter and turned the water off and began scoopin' out the water. It took about 2 hrs to get the water out. I have never seen so much water in all my life (at least without the pool). It really is a good thing we went this weekend, though, because that water could've flowed forever. We did call a plumber and it took the man all of 20 min to fix the hose! Nice!!!!

So, then we decided to go eat lunch in Granbury at a girlie food place and in the middle of lunch my hubs called to tell me he was stranded on the side of the road. Apparently one of our cats decided that riding inside his engine was fun and the belt slipped off and the truck overheated. Kali was supposed to be at the soccer field at 2 and he called at 1:35. Our good friend, Matt, came and picked them up and got them to the soccer field, another friend took the kids and kept them safe at the soccer field, and then Matt took Rt back to his truck to fix the belt. I will say that I am very proud of my husband... he didn't freak out and he was very calm when he told me what happened. (As for the cat, this was cat #4 of the 4 adorable kittens we got a few months ago. Never will I get kittens from those neighbors again as they seem to be retarded. And while I cried at the loss of another kitten my children just rolled their eyes. We have got to move back to town!)

Other than those dramatic events the weekend was great fun! We spent lots of time shopping, talking, eating, more talking and more shopping. We got up this morning to drive to Cleburne to watch Brett lead music. I will say that they seem to belong there, as sad as that makes me.

I did get the entire living room clean before I left and came back to a house that was still relatively clean! Yeah family! I do have a question of the day... The kids went off with a family friend yesterday and then today they both went home with another family. Why does no one take my kids when it is just me? Do people just feel sorry for dad's? Matt had someone offer to take his kids for the afternoon toO!

Ok... it's desperate housewives night... I know, awful show... but it's the premiere and I must watch! Oh and spell check doesn't seem to be working! Sorry for any mistakes!

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Shelley said...

Hey... glad you had a good weekend despite a few minor set backs. Hope all went well for Robert the rest of the weekend :) I admit, I check your blog often and dont always comment.... Sorry, but sometimes I am rushed, but want to check in with you! Glad you are blogging more regularly. It is so addicting!!!