Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A day of dr appts...

Kali had her eval with the speech therapist at Hendricks today. She will begin speech with someone next week and we will do about 10 sessions and see if some intense R therapy will do the trick. The speech therapist isn't sure if she has a tongue thrust, but she is certain that she at least has a lazy tongue! As for her Rs, she cannot say them... not sure why... but she uses all kinds of substitutes and will go as far as to use a completely different word to avoid an r. Hmmm... guess that means she should be increasing her vocabulary! :)

Rt went to the dr today for his weird bald spots. He has alopecia. Dr. Martin suggested he just draw a smiley face on it and not worry about it because there isn't much that can be done. He did inject a steroid into the smaller of the two spots to see if it will help. If hair grows there we will inject the larger spot. Fun, fun. I guess there is a risk that the hair could come back without any color at all... hmmm... what is worse a big bald spot or a white spot?

I also went to the dr today and was placed on Adderall and removed from my Wellbutrin. I'm hoping this fixes my memory issues. My friend Emily suggested that I was going to be able to focus, but so grouchy that no one would be able to tolerate me. Let's pray that doesn't happen. Edit: Rt just brought my pills home. I've never filled a prescription before that 5 full pg medication facts booklet. Hmm....

We went to the fair last night. We had a good time and saw tons of people that we knew. I could've lived without the crickets though. We rode the Ferris wheel and one jumped on me. And then, I was just walking along and one landed on my head... I rubbed my head and it fell down my shirt. EWWWW! I'm not a fan on those icky things! Anyway, here are some pics from our adventure!

We took an extra with us. His mom didn't think she should brave the fair with 15mth old twins.

The Texas Tornado. Notice mommy isn't on it? HAHA!
What is it about that girl and her tongue. She sure does stick it out a lot. Uncle Billy said she reminded him of his heavy metal days. haha!
Such pretty faces!

The last ride of the evening. Watch out for the crickets!!!!

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