Wednesday, February 06, 2008

God or Devil???

If you have read my blog in the last month, you know that there are things coming at me from all sides... I mean, just this week we've had a skunk, throw up, and lice and it's only Wednesday! Here's my question of the day: How do you know when it is God not giving you more than you can handle vs. the devil trying to get in your way? Any insight here would be awesome!


Tammy M. said...

Hey Jess. My feeble insight into weeks that seem to be overloaded with stress and emotional strife is just that my feeble insight. But I have found that when things are really rough that Satan takes advantage of someone that is already down, that is when they are ripe for unbelief and questioning their faith. But then on the other hand if we can laugh and take a deep breath and not take life too seriously through the one after another trials all with in a weeks time and just praise God for the medicine that kills lice, our body that has just gotten sick but has the power of his healing to come right after and skunks, well we will ask God about that one in heaven. I just think that every day is a blessing and even though some days are easier than others, each day is a day to be thankful. Because in reality, and I have lived many days like this, that the next day could be a million times worse and you will just be wishing for lice, skunks, and throw up. Those days were days where only time and patience will fix.
I was listening to a bible teacher this week on a cd in my car and what she said really clicked with me. Our sins are washed clean by Jesus blood, there is no ticker tape, no accountant waiting to fill another line on a sheet of graph paper, they are gone. But on the other hand our righteous acts, and sometimes I think being thankful to God when things are very hard and unpleasant that in itself is an act of righteousness, those acts of righteousness are totalled and tallied scripture says. A record of the times where our righteousness prevails the crummy circumstances those will be on a heavenly scroll when we look right into the face of Jesus. He will say, you believed me when things were really bad this day... you praised me when it took so much sacrifice to look past your immediate situation....those will be counted. Those will be remembered. Glory Be to God in the Highest.
And what do we say when we are feeling like we are under attack from Satan..."Get behind me Satan." Say it out loud so he can hear it and then praise the name of God, so he knows you are claiming faith and not despair.
That is my 2 cents.

Looney Mom said...

I wonder that lately - often. I just feel so very depressed and defeated lately that I wonder what's the big deal anymore with this life.

I don't have any uplifting words, but I can offer empathy. I guess all we can do is just hang tough and remember that all these trials are just temporary.

And I would LOVE to have some kind of girls' weekend! I just hate this rut I'm in!

Brandi said...

I read the lice post yesterday and the skunk post today. My simpathy to you on both. Anyone who has had either of those two experinces will sympathize with you. I have really good stories on both that, even though they both happened pre-blog, I could share because they are funny, now.

Pay special attention to that last sentence.

I have read Tammy's post and can not give you any better advise. God is there. Talk to him, talk out loud. He is just waiting for you to talk to him. Tell him thank you for the situation he has given you. I try to tell myself it could always be worse- the skunk could have gotten me instead of the dog! Yuk.

I am praying for a good ending to your week and that the coming weeks will be much better for you. You keep praying too, I promise you, someday you will look back and laugh(we did).

Oh, and moving back into town is no guarantee to rid yourself of the skunk, we had one last night and we live almost in the middle of town!