Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap year!

Because my birthday only come every 4 years, this is my shameless post to get birthday wishes! I have over 100 readers a week (probably the same people over and over again), and I expect everyone of you to tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ok... I'm JUST KIDDING! But I am a big fan of birthdays!

Several issues for advice now:

Kali is apparently a klepto and lacks little impulse control! (Some of you are probably thinking duh, about the impulse control!) Anyway, this week she told the teacher that this pink bracelet was hers... the teacher sent it home in a back w/a note and I was supposed to tell the teacher if it was Kalis... Kali threw the note away and hid the bracelet in her backpack... big sis told on her... we wrote a note to the teacher that had to be signed and brought back... Kali didn't bring the note back, but said her teacher just didn't give it to her... I walked her in to school today and found the note in Kali's locker... the teacher had never seen it. Also in the locker was a jacket that Kali had worn home a while ago that she said a friend had let her borrow that apparently came from the lost and found... I guess lost and found to her means she found it! Anyway, on top of all of this, on Wednesday night, she peeled the paint off of the church wall while she was sitting in time out. I didn't even notice it and the music minister called me to rat her out! Robert thinks she should paint the church wall again... and she had to spend the afternoon yesterday picking up dog poop... but I'm not exactly sure what punishment would be best for all of this. She has really been struggling in school and I'm beginning to think that the testing in a few weeks is going to show ADD, which might take care of some of this, but AuGGGGHHH!!!

Oh, and I weighed in yesterday... I've lost 17.6 pounds! I'm quite proud, but I'm guessing my 3 days of bd celebration might cut into next weeks weight loss!

Oh... and if you are a man you should stop reading now... I need some serious prayers lifted... I went for my pap last week and the results came back as mild dysplasia... I went for a biopsy yesterday and the cells were in the exact same place that I had difficulties with when I was 18. It took many, many procedures and tons of money to take care of this last time... not to mention the pain... just pray that all of this will be manageable and that I won't stress myself out thinking about it! Besides worrying about the chance that the tests could come back cancerous or something, it puts me in a 'I'm a sorry person' kind-of mood. For anyone who knows anything about me, you know that I was quite the wild child as a teen and waiting until marriage wasn't exactly on my list of priorities. One of the consequences of those days was this situation at 18... and it is hard not to sit and question everything about myself at 32 just because it is back... 14 yrs ago there was no diagnosis of HPV... and that is what the cause of most abnormal paps these days are... but it is no less frustrating that to a certain respect I brought this on myself! Anyway, I know I have been forgiven... so this isn't a woah is me kind-of thing... it just frustrates me!

Anyway... thanks for the prayers and bd wishes and any advice on Kali would be much appreciated!


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Happy Birthday! Just Wed. I told the girls you were turning eight and they thought it was so funny.