Thursday, February 14, 2008

We have PUPPIES!

Wednesday brought no sleep to my weary self... Daphne (Rts dog) paced and paced, hid under beds, and whimpered and whined! She was quite a handful! We determined that she was going into labor, but what exactly were we supposed to do about that??? She refused to go outside this morning so Rt locked her in our bathroom! I just couldn't stand it... so I came home at lunch and low and behold there Daphne was in my bedroom floor with 8 little puppies! Did you catch that part... my bedroom floor... on the carpet... yuck! Oh well... I already shampoed it all out! So I guess it's ok!

This little white one is my favorite. Look at his ears stickin' all out like Yoda! The rest of the pups have ears that lay down! Anyway, I'll try not to get too attached... but the odds are slim!

Anyway, they'll be ready to give away in 8 wks... if anyone wants one!


Looney Mom said...

Oh puppies are so cute. I'll bet you'll have a hard time NOT getting attached. I agree, EWWW on the carpet. What a welcome home!

Thanks for your prayers and comments. Thanks for hanging around; I know I'm such a drag these days!

Amy said...

How sweet! But I sure am glad they're yours!! Good luck with that! Thanks for your sweet, encouraging comments during my recent breakdown!! I believe I am recovered and have scrapped myself up off the floor...although I'm sure it won't be the last time you girls have to give me a little pep talk!! Thanks a bunch!!

Amy said...

Bless your heart! You guys are sick as much as we are! I wish we all lived closer, maybe then we could at least hang out together in all our germ infestation!!