Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh my... what a day...

Kali's head had been all itchy for quite a few days ... being the great mom that I am, I chalked it up to dry skin (which we all have) and put it out of my mind. Well, this morning, she was laying in my bed scratching her head like crazy and Rt says "People are going to think she has bugs if she keeps scratching like that" (do you hear the dum, dum, dum music yet?). Yep, we did a little exam and found bugs... a lot of bugs... icky little lice!

Then to top things off, I sent Megs to school (after thoroughly checking her out) only to have the nurse call and hour later to tell me that she had thrown-up and was pale like a sheet! So, I had to run and get her! I am almost positive that her episode was from taking her tamiflu on an empty stomach as I felt much the same way before I ate breakfast!

So, now, I am home again (remember, I spent several days last week taking care of the fam with the flu) disinfecting my house again (did that this weekend to kill the flu bug) with children who aren't really sick and don't think they need to be stuck in the house! Can you say Calgon take me way????

ps... spellcheck isn't working, sorry if there are any mess ups...

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