Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Catching Up

Well... we now have survived 4 trips to the gym! Thanks for the words of encouragement! Today we did a step class... I do not know how people do that class and enjoy it. I thought I was going to die. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the spin class more than the step class... isn't that sad? I think the real reason is because I am so heavy that lugging my fat butt up onto the step is flat painful. Hopefully this will get easier as my butt gets lighter.

We are down to 5 puppies... two black, two brown, and one white. My girls are handling it better than I am... their response was "circle of life"... wow... how very different they are from me in some ways.

The teachers got cute flower shaped bowls with candy inside... so they can all have the weight issue I have.... whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Just kidding... the girls love to give candy... so that is what they gave. Besides, it had to be cheap because there were 8 people to buy for... 10 if you count the bus drivers that bring my children home daily.

My girls are officially done with school... we have already had spilled kool-aid... that the 5yr decided to make while I was in the bathroom... as well as 3 fights... hmmmm... wonder what our summer is going to be like?



Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

Sorry to hear about the puppies, and I'm glad your girls are taking it well. All of my dog's pups made it. Tomorrow is the last day of school for me! I'm so excited.. can't wait to sleep in!

EvaRob said...

congrats on the about that candy...