Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Life

When we moved out to the boonies I decided we needed dogs to keep us safe. We started with Boots & Socks (named this because their feet were white and it looked like they had shoes on). Over the months we collected a couple of strays, Max and B.J. Max didn't last long... he bit Kali. B.J. and Socks decided to eat the neighbors chickens... and well... enough said. So, that left us with Boots (who has yet to bark at a stranger, so there goes my theory of keeping us safe).

Boots is part lab and the other part great perinese and although she is a big dog... she wouldn't hurt a fly... just quail, mice, and rats. A couple of months ago she went into heat for the first time. For about a week, I would walk outside in the morning to find a different male dog in her doghouse...what a floozy! Ha Ha! I did a bit of research and found out that dogs can conceive by several different donors during heat... so I began to wonder what these puppies were going to look like.

The puppies came yesterday. First there was one... then three... we left for dinner and came back to see four... we went to bed and this morning there were six. Three black... one white... two brown. My husband is determined that we will give them all away... little does he know I am already a bit attached to them.

This has been a great learning lesson for my kids. They were sitting on the porch when babies two and three were born... so they saw them come out and how boots had to lick them clean. Boots hasn't left the porch since having the babies so the girls have gotten to see the devotion that a mother has to her newborns. We've discussed nursing and the likelihood that the smallest pup will not survive. All kinds of lessons lumped into these 6 little pups.

I will keep you posted on their progress...



Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

Aww!! They're so cute! My dog had pups.. they were half Rottweiler half Lab. She had 7! Usually dogs don't have too many their first litter.. but hey! Puppies are soo much fun, but we had to give ours away.. and that was hard. But good luck with the puppies, I hope everything goes well!

Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

I have a lot going on this summer.. mainly just basketball. We practice through the week and tourneys on the weekend. I'm making time for me, though. The only thing I'd like to do is ride horses all summmer, and I'll do that a lot. It'll be fun, though. There'll be plenty of laziness. :)