Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Possible Job

When I graduated from ACU 2 yrs ago I just knew that I would walk across the stage and find a job. It didn't happen... I have worked for 3 schools part-time at the same time and it is killing me. There is a position open at MCM and I want it. I am struggling, though, because I have said all along that things happen on God's time... soooo... is it God's time, yet? If I don't get the job is God telling me I'm not ready for a full-time job or that I need to leave the education world? Is God waiting for me to grow up, to be more faithful? Is this a lesson in patience? What am I supposed to learn from this situation? The situation brings me to tears everytime I think about it. It is hard to not have negative self-thoughts when you can't find a job. I can be logical... I am in Abilene and there are just nooooo jobs here... but at the same time... what is sooo wrong with me that I can't find a job? AUGH! Do you see my predicament?

I am sorry this post is not so organized...but... what I am asking for is prayers in this situation. I would like to be so bold as to ask ya'll to pray that I get the position... but truthfully... I am still a strong believer that God is in control... so I just ask for prayers about the situation. If I am meant to have the job... it will happen... if I am not meant to have the job... it won't happen... and then I will be asking for prayers for the nervous breakdown I will have if I fail at this too! HA HA HA See... same ole Jessica... I can laugh at the insanity that is my life!


PS. Pool opens in 3 days!


Rebecca said...

We'll be praying for your sanity, and your job search. :) Hang in there.


Sarah said...

Praying for you to be at peace in God's arms.