Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It is Over!

For those who have followed my blog faithfully you are well aware of my struggle with my research paper this semester. Well... it is finished! I turned it in and I am quite thankful to have completed it with 2hrs to spare. (That is what I call procrastination!)

As I did the research I had one of those "ah ha moments" that I sometimes get. I believe that the debate between the stay-at-home mother and the working mother is mainly a figment of the media's imagination. I really think the conflict that is happening is the conflict between each and every one of us. I ask myself daily if I am making the right choices... if I am doing a good job... if my kids are going to be screwed up because of something I have done. I never think "oh what a bad mom, she works all the time" or "that poor kid whose mom stays home." I work part-time so I kind-of have the best of both worlds...but that doesn't work for everyone and who am I to judge how others do it. So... my solution is that we pay less attention to the television and what they suggest is a problem... and be more supportive of each other.

Now... on to the 40min presentation on immigration due for a class Thursday night!



Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

Yes, I just knew you would be full of advice for me! I've done without the boyfriends.. and I have to say I lived it up much easier.. and it was more fun! The leg is doing much better.. and I think I'm running at the track meet tomorrow.. don't know how I'll do though. I've read bits and pieces of Lonesome Dove, but I haven't read the whole thing. I've seem most of the movie, & it was great! I have read the first book of the Potter series. I thought it was a great book, but it just didn't interest my. I tried moving on to the second but I couldn't stay hooked on it. The school my mom wants me to move to next year is about 45minutes away from my current school. Not far, I know.. & I'm lucky.. but I still don't think I can do it. Well, well, well.. look at this big long comment. I could've wrote an entry with all the stuff I included in here! Haha.. and before I go,, CONGRATS on finishing the paper. Procrastination isn't always harmful. But it is late and I need to get to bed. Thanks for all the advice you continue to give me.. you help me a lot!

Amber Joy said...

Congratulations on finishing your paper, Jessica. What classes are you taking?
Nice meeting you today. And weird.

jessica said...

Hey Amber! I am taking grad English classes at ACU. I teach part-time for CJC and MCM. It was kindof cool/weird to see someone and recognize them like that...

Roxanne said...

I like the conclusion you've drawn for your thesis. . .and you are soooooooooo right. We are our own worst critics. . .and when we criticize others, it's normally because we think they are doing it better than we are.

Congratulations on a paper completed.


Rebecca said...

Woo-hoo! Done! Good for you! And I agree with you about the working/stay-at-home conflict. It's totally personal and variable. But some people are so judgmental about it. I couldn't belive the difference in the way people spoke to me when I was teaching part-time versus staying home, like suddenly I was an interesting person worth talking to. It made me really sad.

(Good luck on you upcoming assignmnent. That's tough; I wouldn't want to touch immigration with a ten foot pole!)

Chris Nystrom said...

My theory is that since we are not perfect, we will not be perfect parents so we are bounce to screw them up at least a little, but that gives them something to work on later in life.

Congrats on finishing your paper.