Thursday, May 11, 2006

What do you think?

I was at dinner tonight with some fellow teachers from McM...we began a chat about our students and their use of facebook... as well as our own blogs. The conversation crossed over into legal things you wouldn't think about... like... did you know it is against the law to post someone's picture without their permission?

So... now I am deleting my last post with the adorable pics of my friend's new twins.... at least until I have time to ask if it is ok. But... keep her and her babies in your prayers... the babies are doing ok... but at 4 1/2 pounds each things could change.

On a totally unrelated note... we got into a discussion of STD's and teaching your children about sex.... one of the professors informed me that nursing homes have the fastest rising cases of AID's and other STD's. WHAT?!!? I asked for his source... frankly, I thought he was making it up... but he gave me one that sounded credible and his wife was sitting there agreeing with him. I guess I hadn't thought about what people do with their spare time in the nursing home. HMMMMMM.......



Chris Nystrom said...

Wow. Getting old does not seem so bad anymore.

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh.