Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Compt...

McM is starting a new thing on campus where all the freshman will be "given" HP tablets. In order for the teachers to be up to snuff on the tablets they have given them to us as well. I have spent the last two days in training from 8:30-4... that long in training made my head hurt, but those tablets are cool. My favorite part (and the part that did not require 2 days of training) is that you can use your stylus to write on your screen, so you can send emails that are hand written. I was quite amazed by that function and sent all kinds of interesting emails. I'm pretty sure that the instructor wasn't so entertained by my friend AM and I giggling every time we opened an email... what can I say? we had to do something entertaining!

Megan handed me her math TAKS scores this afternoon... can someone please tell me why is was that she was soooo stressed by the test and ended up missing NO questions? The tears seem so wasted now!

Kali graduates from Kindergarten tomorrow night... while we were in Wal-Mart tonight she asked me what I was going to buy her for graduation. She said that our babysitter was graduating and she is getting all kinds of good stuff. Silly kid!


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