Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Long & Random

Sorry for my lack of posting... things have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks.

The kids completed their last school day today. Kali's teacher cried as she hugged them all goodbye... I'm not sure where Megan's teacher was. I have filled out the paperwork and the girls will go to school "in town" at Jackson next year. It was such a relief to fill out the paperwork and know that they would be just down the road from me as opposed to 30 minutes away during the day. I mistakenly thought it would be more convenient for them to go to Clyde, but the convenience only worked when they rode the bus... once all of the drama started and there was no more bus the convenience factor flew out the window. So... to town it is.

Our house is still for sale... this lady has come to look 3 times and has asked about a million questions but hasn't made an offer yet. It is a very frustrating process. I want to just call her and ask what we would have to do to get her to buy our house... at this point I would do it. Instead, her realtor has to call my realtor who calls us etc. etc. The difficult thing about all of this is I am actually fine with staying here if it doesn't sale, but knowing that someone might want it and we could pay off our credit cards, Rt's truck, and one of my student loans makes me want the sale to happen. The part of me that has to pack and find a new place to live (the part that doesn't like change) is perfectly content with our small debt and truck payment and would just as soon stay here. Oh well... it isn't really in my hands so I don't know why I keep stressing about it.

Last night on the news the weather guy said that this summer was probably going to be a pretty cool one... What exactly does that mean? My kids are already begging to go to the pool, but it hasn't even reached 90 degrees outside. I have no complaints about the weather... I wish is stayed about 85 all year long... but it has to warm up a little for the swim club to be comfortable. (Not that I actually make it into the water very often, but warm water makes for less whiny kids.) Oh well, anyone got any other ideas of summer fun (that doesn't cost) until the weather warms up? So far, my ideas of reading and playing outside are being shot down (in all fairness the size of the mosquitoes is quite ridiculous out here, I don't know that I blame them for not wanting to be eaten alive).

My friend Holly got me into scrapbooking many moons ago, and I have stayed caught up until the last year. I am exactly one year behind right now. I had pictures developed yesterday and I had about 400 pics. It just dawned on me that I have a 35mm camera somewhere that I know I've used this month. UGH... more to develop. I have threatened to set my stuff up on the kitchen table and not move it until I'm done... but for some reason my family thinks they need to eat... what's that about! :) Brooke, Holly and I are set to scrapbook Saturday... wish me luck!
Here's a pic of Kali's kindergarten graduation last friday night! They sang some songs and all got a diploma. Her hair is so slick that her hat refused to stay on... we have some pretty hilarious pics of her adjusting her hat through the entire second half of the program. I got a little teary watching her walk across the stage... who knew she would grow up so quickly.

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