Friday, May 04, 2007

Sad News

We received a campus wide email today to let us know that one of our students had been arrested on campus... no name... no details. When I got home at 5, I turned on the news and got to see a pic of the student as well as hear his story. This student was pretty quiet, but well-behaved. He hung out with a group of kids that I watch and give advice to... and he was at the bowling night that my PR class put on Tuesday night. My friend had him in a class last semester and said she never had any difficulties. I guess this just goes to show you can never know what is going on inside someone... or what their past holds. Please keep this guy in your prayers... from the new report I'm pretty sure he has a long road ahead of him. Also, keep his friends in your prayers... had the police waited one more week no one on campus would have even known this was happening... it's going to be one rough week!


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