Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soap Operas

I swear I could write a book... and maybe I should. The last few weeks have brought nothing but drama in all aspects of my life.

At school, my two student workers who are best friends and roommates, and who graduate in less than a week have been on the outs. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than 22 yr old girl drama. They have managed to kiss and make up, but it was hard to sit and watch. The other issue at school is my boss (who is only my boss for about 2 more weeks) has procrastinated on his job and wants me to pick up the pieces... what that means is do his work... not like I don't have enough of my own work to get done!

At church, there has been all kinds of drama about people doing their jobs or not doing their jobs. It amazes me that churches are soooo unable to tell people that if they don't have time for their jobs then they should go find another! Our nursery has run amuck and no one seems in a hurry to correct the problem. It makes me sad, though, because I see people come and go because of the state of that side of the building. And let's not talk about the friends I have who just aren't coming so their kids don't get sick in the dirty nursery. Our pastor keeps saying "be patient," and really, in 3 months my youngest won't even be over there, but come on. Only in a church can you not really do your job and still have it. And don't even get me started on the secretary that is senile and still an employee.

Then there is home... After much begging we have put the girls in two rooms, but every night Kali ends up in Megan's room. Megan doesn't seem to mind. It's almost as if she just wanted to be able to say "my room," but can someone remind me why I had to rearrange an entire room for that? It really may have more to do with Megs inability to be mean to Kali. At bedtime every night Kali starts to cry and Megan gives in. I'm hoping this one will work itself out.

I guess that pretty much updates the soap opera areas... things are great otherwise. Robert and I are getting along pretty good, my semester is almost over, and the pool opens soon! What more could a girl want?


PS. Did you know that if you moderate comments and don't fill it all out you don't realize you have messages until you decide to post! Sorry for those who think I was ignoring them!

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