Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer... Day One

Well, summer break has definitely come in with a bang for us...(as in thunder and lightening)... these are pics of what my driveway has turned into from all the rain. I have to go to town at 2, but I'm not sure how I will get to my car. The girls would prefer not to be stuck in the house and are running around a tad crazy. We tried to watch High School Musical, but our power keeps going out, which then requires the satellite to upload programming again. They have asked when we get to go to the pool, but I don't have the heart to tell them that the forecast has tons of rain in it.

My children refuse to sleep in pj's, so this morning, in true Kali fashion, she was running around in panties and a t-shirt. I looked over at her and thought her legs were filthy... but when I kept looking I realized that she was bruised. Apparently, when we were at church last night they were playing outside on the playground during Mission Friends and a little girl pushed Kali. I'm not upset about that... the girls are best buds and there are a lot of times that I have to get on to them for playing like the boys... but I am upset that no one saw fit to tell me that she had fallen. We have had a lot of problems with the nursery workers not supervising the children... and one of the main people complaining is the person teaching Mission Friends. It is all very frustrating to me. I know that kids will be kids... I know that they need time to play... but I also know that there is a reason that adults are there to supervise. I know that adults cannot prevent all accidents, I mean, my kids injure themselves all the time under my watch... but I really don't like finding out the next morning about her fall. UGH! Ok... I'm done venting about that... and the bruises look tons worse in person than they do in this pic.

In my post yesterday I mentioned all the pics I developed... I am soooo proud of myself... I cropped all 356 pics last night and this morning. Which means on Saturday when I scrap all day I will actually get to finish pages... yippeeeeeeeee....


Not really sure what is happening to my post... sorry it's so messed up!

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The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Yeah, that's a bummer. The lady in charge of the kids on Sunday nights ups and leaves when the service is over, and we're usually still having bible study not realizing that the children are running around unsupervised! She doesn't even let us know she's leaving! We just found out this past week, so I ended up going and watching them until study was over. People are just goofy I think :)