Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok, I have to vent a little! Last year, Abilene passed a no smoking ban that covers restaurants, bowling alleys, bars, and even entryways to buildings. I don't smoke (I used to smoke one cigarette when we went out dancing... but that is now illegal) so other than I'm annoyed that my friends have to go outside and smoke if we go out dancing... it really is no biggie to me. But what I don't understand is how we can tell people that they cannot smoke in a bar, which is a place that I would fully expect people to smoke, and yet we will not tell parents they cannot smoke in their car with their children! Can someone explain this to me? I mean, if I choose to go to a bar that I know is going to be smoke filled it is my personal right, but a child has no ability to stand up for themselves! Ugh!

You might ask what is bringing this little rant on... and here is what it is... This morning, while sitting at a red light, I look over and see a mom in a little bitty car (you know, roller skate on wheels) with the windows rolled up tight... she had two little kids strapped into their car seats and she was puffin' away. I wanted to get out of my car and knock on her window and give her some statistics regarding death and cigarette smoking... or better yet, the statistics that link children's asthma to parental smoking. but I didn't... I just drove on.

I get that smoking is a person's right... and I get that I shouldn't tell people how to raise their children. BUT COME ON... if you ask anyone who smokes, they will tell you that it is awful for them... and yet, most smokers still smoke in the presence of their children. WHY??? My cousin works for the American Cancer Society and one of her jobs is to answer questions about loss. A few months ago a woman called to ask if her dog was dying of lung cancer because she smoked around the dog... my cousin answered "Yes, smoking has been directly linked to lung cancer" and the woman burst into tears. I have yet to meet a parent who wants to give their child lung cancer (or their pet), so why do people continue to smoke in their presence?

Let me just clarify here before I get a bunch of strange comments from people about smoking being their right... I do get that... and I honestly believe that if you want to contaminate your body with that crap it is sooooo your right and I will leave you alone... but it is not your children's (or your pets) choice... so don't smoke around them!

Ok... I think I have that out now... Keep me in your thoughts about 3 o'clock... we have a dept meeting with the Dean, VP, and Registrar...

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holly said...

I'm with you. I think smoking with you children around should be cause to call CPS.