Thursday, October 11, 2007


Happy 10th BD Megan! (It was yesterday, but my compt crashed again!) I have written and rewritten this post this morning. It is hard to put all of what Megan is into words. She is very intelligent and excels in school. Her teachers love her, but I think it has something to do with the fact that they don't really have to teach her. She loves to sing and we have been informed by many that she has a gift. She loves the Lord and doesn't understand when kids at school don't . She is kind-hearted and hates for people to be ugly or mean. She helps around the house and she is a great help with Kali. She really is a good kid and she is quite responsible. Life isn't exactly easy for our dear little Megpie. She is sooo hard on herself to be perfect in school and in life that she is full of anxiety. We are constantly encouraging her to just do things and that she needn't try to be perfect, but she still struggles. Someday her perfectionistic tendencies will probably benefit her, but when you are 10 they just make life difficult! (If anyone knows a solution to this, let me know!) Anyway, while life with Megs isn't always easy emotionally she is a wonderful kid whom we love very much! Happy Birthday girl!

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Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Megan. I still picture you as a tiny tot with big bows. Time has flown! Hope you had a great day