Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long day...

It is only 6 o'clock, but I could seriously crawl into my bed and stay there until morning. Megan had her birthday sleepover last night and I got all of 4 hrs sleep. The girls had a good time, though, so I guess my lack of sleep was well worth it. We ended up eating dinner at Olive Garden last night and then we went to see the movie Sydney White. The girls really enjoyed the movie, but it didn't end until after 11. By the time we got home and they played it was pretty late! At 2:20 am I told them to go to sleep and I think they did... but I was passed out, so who knows! At 7am they woke me up so I could cook the cinnamon rolls... aren't they sweet?

Kali had a soccer game today. The team we played was quite aggressive and both Kali and her friend Karina were "injured" during the game. The girls were fine after a few tears, but I really wanted to go ask the other team's parents what they were teaching their team... I mean, last I heard pushing and tripping in 7 yr old soccer is not acceptable and someone really could've been hurt! I guess this is all just part of the game, but I'm finding that parents are rather annoying on the benches... I just want to hold up a sign that says "Our kids are 6-7 for goodness sake... lighten up!!!!" Oh well, only 2 more games! I wonder if softball is any better?

Ok... I'm done for the night! Have a good rest of the weekend!

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Trina said...

That sounds just like Makaley's birthday party. BUT....I went to Ft. Worth with "the man" and my mom volunteered to do the party!! Now that was a double treat!