Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I feel icky! I hate sinus stuff! I do great as long as I'm sitting still, but as soon as I move the icky feeling comes back. Hmphf! I have stuff to do... I don't have time to be sick!

I played hookie from school today and I let Megs stay home too (she's sick too). We decided to go to the mall before we picked Kali up from school and right when I walked into the mall I saw 2 students that I would've had in class today. It wouldn't have been so bad, but these were Cooper High School kids... ummmmm.... they weren't supposed to leave campus! Megs thought it was funny!

I have a 'what to do' question for ya'll... Megs got her health check done at school last week and she was quite upset about her weight. What would you do if it were your own kid? I already watch what she eats... am I supposed to put her on a diet? She weighs 6 pounds less than I did when I graduated high school... she's only 3 inches shorter than I was then, but still.... what would you do?


Amy's Gang said...

Hmmm...that's a hard one. The last thing you want to do is instill an obsession about her weight. But, you want her to be healthy and active. I see your dilema. I guess you could take her to a nutritionalist. Is she active? Does she watch alot of TV? If she is active, and eats healthy, and isn't a couch potato, then I say DON'T worry so much. She may just be one of those children that will slim up when she turns 12 or 13. Jason's cousin was that way. Sorry I couldn't be more help!!

jessica said...

She's not very active at all... in fact, she would like to sit alot. She is one of those kids who would rather read than run! I watch what she eats, but you can't be everywhere! :) I know that one day her tummy will turn into boobs, but I would like her to lose a little before that point... especially since it seems that she is getting more sedentary.

Brandi said...

I wish I could help you with this. I struggle with my weight constantly, but it is different for a young girl. I do feel we as a society have really put so much pressure on our children to look a certain way, just open a pre-teen magazine. Academics are so very important, so how do you tell her to not be studious and to go out and run?! I know you are giving her good options at home, but you are so right that you can not be everywhere. The only suggestion I have is maybe talking to her school counseler or nurse.

Now to the question you posed to me. Who am I? Don't you just love a great mystery?

I could give you the short version but that is just not my style. I am Hymonda's only niece (nephew for that matter). She has one sibling, my mom, Fonda. Trina, Traci and I are cousins, but we have spent our entire lives together so they are more like sisters to me than cousins. I sit on the same pew as Hymonda on Sunday. If my granddaughter is with me, we sit on the end. If she isn't, I am usually sitting next to Hy. I would love to meet you, come say HI next Sunday!

Looney Mom said...

Find ways to get her active; of course that's not going to be easy now that the weather is getting colder. Does she have a bike? Roller blades/skates? Scooter? Etc.?

Go on a family walk every day together around the block. Go to the park during the warmest part of the day. Maybe invest in a Wii and get some fun games you can all play? Turn on some music and just be silly! Just some ideas.

Make sure she's drinking PLENTY of water and eating mostly vegetables and some fruits. Balance is the key. Limit sweets, sweetened drinks - including fruit juice - and fried/prepackaged processed foods.

This is a great program: Christian based bible study/health plan which uses the diabetic exchanges (kind of pricey but worth it): First Place. If the First Place program seems like a bit much right now, maybe you can get this book, based on the diabetic exchange list and see how to keep portion sizes realistic. We have no idea what a real portion is anymore but you'll be surprised when you see it here.

I'm just speaking from experience. I was a chubby kid and my parents didn't know any better about good nutrition. I'm very aware of what I'm feeding my kids because I don't want them to suffer what I did. I learned a lot in my culinary program and nutrition classes.

Hope it helps!