Saturday, October 06, 2007

Flower Garden & Funny Moments

When we moved into our house we had this big round Iris bed on one side of the yard... you know, strategically placed so people driving in could see the pretty Irises when pulling down our drive. {Ok... I must add sarcasm here... I'm not sure why they planted Irises, I mean, they flower once a year so what people really see when they roll down the driveway is big green blades sticking up!) Well, I have done nothing to the flower bed and we have lived here for two 1/2 years. It still has Irises, but it also has a large amount of Johnson grass. A few days ago I decided we should clean it out and plant some crape myrtles in the center and have the Irises surround them. I went out today and started pulling the grass out... it is not as easy as I thought it would be! That grass will not come out. I tried watering the ground so the grass would pull out more easily but all that I accomplished was attracting "Daphne" to the muddy water and dirt. So... if you have any ideas, please pass them on! I thought about spraying weed poison on it, but I don't want to kill the bulbs! (Is that possible!!) Ok... I am in wayyyy over my head!

Funny Moment for today.... and a reminder that I should be glad the camera is in the shop...

While Rt was mowing the yard today I noticed that there was a kitten stuck in the very, very top of one of the many mesquite trees in our 'yard'. Being the kind hearted (or idiotic) person that I am I decided to go up after it! Well, I haven't climbed a tree in years and was never all that graceful at it before... but the poor kitten needed help. I climbed the tree and coaxed the kitten down and then figured out that I myself couldn't get down. Robert was mowing and didn't even notice that I was in a tree. It took him about 20 min, but he did finally come rescue me... if the camera had been in the house I swear he would've gone and gotten it before he helped me out! I had to promise not to climb anymore trees so I guess the kitten is on its own should it get stuck in a tree again!


holly said...

You can did the whole thing up and then replant the irises. They are pretty tough. You could also put that black paper stuff over the grass and wait till it dies.

Amy's Gang said...

Now THAT is funny...oh how I wish the camera wasn't in the shop. I need a good laugh to start my day!!LOL!