Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Cintas didn't call. Hopefully they will call today. I hate the waiting game and I want this to work out for my parents! It has been difficult watching them struggle financially over the last couple of years.

One of the things that I enjoy about reading my friend's blogs is the amount of honesty about how life really is. People talk about their lack of time management skills, their slip ups, their bad parenting moments, their imperfect marriages, children's, selves...etc etc. As if blogspot is a safe forum... away from judgement. Here is my question... why is it that being truthful about struggles is so easy online, but not in person? Or maybe the better question for me is why is it that when you tell people you are struggling 'out loud' you get the look that says 'I can't believe you said that out loud.'

You all know Rt is in school and lets just say that this last writing assignment he had really made me question whether our marriage would survive the assignment. In fact, the process was so frustrating for me that I left him at home Sunday morning and went to church. During Sunday School, I asked for prayers for both Rt and I as this research paper was causing much frustration for him and was causing much conflict in our marriage. I didn't share all the gory details of the not nice things that had been said over the course of the weekend, but I did say that we were both struggling with our tempers etc. I didn't look at the entire room as I was speaking, but I did look at one of the sections and both of the wives had looks on their face like 'oh my... I can't believe she said that.' I've tried really hard to not think about what was going on in their heads, but you know how well that works sometimes. I guess I just wish that we really were free to be honest with the people who are supposed to care without feeling the airs of judgement. And I know that not everyone was acting like they did... but it just annoys me!

SO.... for the women who acted like this here is my message to you... The one thing that I have discovered over the last few years is that we all have 'crap' going on in our lives. Everyone yells at their kids or their husbands once in a while... Everyone has problems with handling money... or eating right... or making the right parenting choices... and the list goes on and on... I have not met one person who can honestly say that they are perfect... so just for me, the next time someone asks for prayers for something that is happening in their life... just smile and pray... appreciate the honesty, because I would rather see honesty any day over fakeness.

...ok... sorry if I'm venting again... jess

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holly said...

I think you should add that if someone list a prayer request, and you feel "better than", or "I can't believe" YOU should probably take a serious look at your own life. If your not feeling the need to pray and help those in need instead of "I can't believe" or "I'd never have that problem" you life is probably in a worse state than the one that is making making the prayer request.