Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Running, Running, Running

I'm really considering calling in sick tomorrow just so I can have a break! haah! Just kidding... but it did cross my mind. I would like a day to stay home with no one here so that I can get on top of my house. I seriously need my house cleaner back!

I have a couple of opinion questions for you... decisions I am having difficulty making on my own... Give me your opinions, please!!!

Question 1:
One of my friends and I were talking about my children's sleeping arrangements and she commented that we have had more beds in our house... and she is right. We cannot seem to work out a system that keeps my children happy. First it was separate beds in separate rooms and no one would sleep. Then it was bunk beds in the same room and again no sleepers. Now the girls sleep on the same bed in the same room and they are sleeping just fine. I would really like to get rid of one of their rooms and make them share again and use the other room for a craft/play/TV room, but do I get rid of the bunk beds and buy a full-size bed? Hmmm... How do your children sleep? A few of my friends grew up sharing a room and a bed with their sisters and think that is what I should do, but since I would still prefer to have my own bed I just don't know! (Seriously, I understand the Leave it to Beaver days when couples slept in separate beds... if I didn't share a bed no one would touch me and wake me up in the middle of the night! I know, I have issues!) Anyway, what would you do?

Question 2:
I had a long talk with my dean today about job security... and basically there is none until I get a Phd. and even then who knows. Here are my current options and I would like you to tell me what you would do... Option #1: I take the fast track classes at MCM and get certified to teach high school and use that as my plan B should something happen at MCM. Option #2: I start my Phd in English or EdD in Higher Ed and remain in the college world but in a different position. Neither option really has the security I would like to have, but I am realizing I don't exactly have control over this. I have spent much of my day praying about this and am really trying to let it go... but not stressing over it is easier said than done. {For those who don't know the situation at MCM I'll give you a little catch up.... MCM cut the comm dept and we have one year left...there is no plan after that time and we have no idea how many of us they will keep on. } It would be easy to put all of this on the back burner and try not to think about it, but the truth is I have to have some sort-of plan... I mean, if I am moving to high school I need to take the courses while they are free just like I need to get started with the other courses if I'm staying in the college world! Anyway, what would you do????

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holly said...

It seems to me that taking classes to teach high school when your experience with that this year hasn't been great might not be a good choice. Not to metion having two parents in school at the same time would be very difficult for your friends. I think God will lead you to the right choice, and if you are feeling torn you might need to sit back and wait on him to tell you.