Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's the world coming to???

Update: I did go to the dr yesterday and I have bronchitis. Yuck! I got a shot, antibiotics, cough medicine and two inhalers. He said I should start feeling better soon. I told his nurse when I went in that if he told me it was allergies again I was going to kick him... guess he listened! ha! He did say that this season is the worst one for allergies... he also mentioned my dogs... hmmm... what to do, what to do????

Now to the serious part:

I am a huge Boston Legal fan, but man, tonight's episode was depressing. You can read the episode recap if you would like on the link above. There were many twists and turns tonight, but the most frustrating part was that a man who was innocent was murdered because a town didn't want him around. He had convicted of rape at 17 for having sex with his 16 yr old girlfriend and when he moved to the town he registered as he was supposed to. The rape was overturned, but the town didn't care, they wanted him gone. Even the town Priest was ugly to him. I'm not sure what the creators of the show were wanting to leave the audience with... I mean, were they pointing out that "Megan's law" has some real issues, were they pointing out that we are not a very forgiving society, were they pointing out that parents will do anything to protect their children??? I'm not sure... but I do know I have a problem with a law that puts a man who had sex with his girlfriend on the same list as a man who molests little children... perhaps something should be changed in the law. I am more concerned about how the church was portrayed though... a part of me understands their behavior but I also know that there was nothing ok with it. Do we really treat people like that???

To make matters worse I watched the news after the show and got to hear about a 15 yr old boy who beat a homeless man to death. Now, is it just me, or do you question how things like that happen? Did the kid just wake up this morning and decide it was a good day to kill someone? Where were his parents? What has happened in his life that would give him the rage necessary to kill a person? Other questions that the new story left me with were about the victim... apparently he was a Vet who has lived on the streets of Abilene for several years... huh? several years? a Vet? How do people like this slip through the cracks? Why was he on the streets?

Ok, I know this is a depressing post... but golly... what is this world coming to???? I will never understand how people can do such horrible things to each other. It is just not ok...

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Looney Mom said...

I agree. I watched BL last night and wondered the same thing. I was disappointed at how the church was portrayed. The whole thing was just troubling.

And I was just having this conversation with my husband about what's going on with our youth. They are exposed to so much violence in movies, TV, video games and desensitized. Very tragic.

So I hope you get to feeling better soon! At least you know what it is - not just allergies!