Sunday, March 26, 2006


Life is about choices. Do I choose to get out of bed and go to church or do I choose to get some much needed sleep? Do I choose to do laundry and clean the house or do I choose to lay on my couch all day whining because I feel like crap? Do I choose to start on my 25pg research paper that is due in about 3 weeks or do I choose to once again put it off and then spend the week stressed out about the amount of schoolwork I have to do? I have noticed a common thread with most of my choices, though, I may choose to not tackle some of these things now but no one else is going to do, either way I will eventually have to make the choice! I cannot begin to tell you how very depressing that thought is! I have a solution to all of this...I can quit school, pack my stuff, and move to Mexico where I can sit on the beach drinking pina coladas all the day long. I am not sure how I will pay for that lifestyle but it sounds very tempting at this point! Anyone wanna come with?


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