Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The joys of Raising Girls!

Today was school picture day! Most people would think Yippee...I on the otherhand was not so excited. What it meant for me was getting up 30 min early to make Megan shower...then get dressed in clothes too nice to wear to school...and then fix her hair....all so that in a few weeks I can buy pictures that are not so wonderful just because they are her school pictures. FUN FUN! Out of my pain and misery, though, I have a story from each kid that have made me giggle all day!

As I was blow drying Megan's hair this morning, she started to cry...for no obvious reason. I asked if I had pulled her hair...she said no. I asked why she was crying she said "I don't know"...and began to wail! I dried her tears and told her it was ok and we went on with the hair fixing. As I began to tuck her hair behind her ears...and show her how to frame her face so that it looks the most flattering, she began to wail again. I again asked what was wrong and she yelled at me "I don't like my ears!" What? She is eight years old! What is wrong with her ears? I never could get an answer out of her, but I am concerned that she is a little young to be worried about what her ears look like when her hair is tucked behind them!

After I got Megan deposited onto the schoolbus (with her hair tucked behind her "ugly" ears)...I went home to get Kali ready. I gave her a bath and blow dryed her hair...which she informed me was ok because very straight hair was very pretty....Did I mention she is FIVE? I got her dressed, turned on Dora, told her to find her shoes and hopped into the shower myself. After I got out of the shower she came walking into my bathroom with one hand covering her mouth and one holding her shoes. I asked what was up...if she needed a kleenex for her snotty nose...and she looked at me with eyes that said "I am up to something!" I pulled her hand down and there, smeered on her little lips was the brightest shade of pink I had ever seen! I held it together...I didn't yell...I simply got some toilet paper and wiped her lips clean...while trying not to laugh. She didn't even give me a chance to lecture her...I was wiping and she was swearing it wouldn't happen again. Here is my question, though, how did she think she was going to make it out the door, to the car, and into pre-k without me noticing her bright pink lips?

Oh...the joys of parenting!


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