Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Want a Wife!

Yesterday, one of the other professors handed me an essay entitled "I Want a Wife". As I read through it, it dawned on me that my entire issue with being a wife is that somehow the term has been confused with slave. This list of 'jobs' that 'belong' to a wife are very long indeed and when the wife isn't home these jobs just simply do not get done. I am not talking about loading the dishwasher or starting the washer, I am talking about all the other things mothers do.

My daughter needs to see the pediatrician for a second Hep shot. You cannot know how badly I do not want to take the child for this shot. She is five and five year olds do not sit calmly and quietly for a shot. In order for the shot to be given successfully I will have to climb onto the dr's table with her and become a sort of straight jacket to hold her down. Last night, I asked my husband who our pediatrician was, where his office was located, how I make appointments, what insurance the girls have and where the cards are, and where I fill prescriptions. He knew who the pediatrician was and the insurance plan the girls have but that was all. When I tried to point out to him that this was a problem his answer was "do you want to go get the job that supports our family?" am I supposed to respond to that?


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