Thursday, March 09, 2006

Superwoman or Slacker?

I am sitting here procrastinating once again. I have to read about 200 pgs for class tonight and I am supposed to type notes as I do the reading! Who's bright idea was that? Why would you need to type the notes as you read the chapter in a textbook? It makes absolutely no sense to me...and I would actually keep up with my reading if I didn't have to type the notes. Who can type and read? Gotta love teachers!

Usually when I procratinate, I sit on the couch watching Dr. Phil while looking around the internet. Today, I saw a quiz that interested me after my post this morning about being a wife or a slave. The quiz is titled "Are you a Superwoman or a Slacker?" I can never resist the urge to take these types of quizzes so I took it. Because I am sitting on the couch not doing what I am supposed to, I really thought that I would be a slacker. Boy, was I wrong. According to the quiz, I am SUPERWOMAN!! Their solution is to start saying no to people. Hmmm...where should I start? Should it be with my husband, children, students, employers, the music minister at church, or my friends? Who gets the first no???? There are no real options here! Everyone requires something of me and it generally is something that I cannot say no to. I really think I just need a wife...or a clone!

Here is the link to the quiz Take it and let me know where you stand!


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holly said...

you are a teacher