Friday, March 17, 2006


I was trying to decide what title I should pick for my blog entry today but I am stumped, because there are so many things I could write about.

I could've titled it "Finally...It's over" because today is the last day of spring break! THANK THE LORD! Not that I do not love my kids with all of my heart but....I have been home with them for 5 full days. 5 full days of whining, fighting, crying, etc. We have gone to the park twice, McD's twice, the movies, the drive-in, the zoo and we have had sleepovers. They have had a great week with lots of fun...but I am at my wits end. I have invested loads of time, money, and energy on them and yet somehow it has not been enough. When we went to McD's they wanted BK. When we went to the park....they wanted a different park. I know my friend Windy would say that this is because they are spoiled and I should've made them stay home...she is probably right about the spoiled part. I tend to give them way more than they need...and way more than they deserve. The best reward for their behavior this week would've been to make them stay home and clean my filthy house...but that would meant I was stuck at home as well and that is not something I like to do. I love to go skating with the kids and take them to the park and see movies. The best part of parenting is getting to have fun with my kids. To have stayed home this week would have been a punishment for me too....and it is MY spring break too!

The second title I came up with was "Sleep...who needs it?" because this week has not included much sleep for me. Between going out with my friends, meeting my dad for breakfast at the butt crack of dawn, and working on the little red car...I am tired! Which might have something to do with my decreased patience with my children. You would think that I would realize that the best thing to do would be to stay home tonight and go to bed early...but no, I think I will go scrapbook with my friends until midnight or later, instead of sleeping!

The third title I came up with was "What a man!" because my husband has more than sacrificed to get my little red car running. He has gone to bed late and woken up early...which if you know him you would know that the only time he ever gets out of bed before 7:30 am is when he is going hunting. This morning he was out of bed at 6am to finish up my car so I could drive it today. I feel bad, because I am pretty sure that what the mechanic told Barb when she took it in was not true since all we did was change the radiator fluid and wash out the engine and the car is working just fine! In fact, the girls and I drove it around today without any problems at all! It was fun to drive around but my oldest daughter is almost too tall to sit comfortably in the back seat...that means that I have two options: One is to let her sit in the front seat which means she is touching my stuff and in my personal space...or I sale the car because we don't fit! Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

Well...I guess if I am staying out all night I should go be the good wife and load the dishwasher before I go!


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