Saturday, March 18, 2006

Working together...sort-of!

Robert and I spent 5 hrs working on the little red car today! We...and by we I mean HE...put on a water pump and a belt tensioner. I wanted to help but having grown up around men and their cars...I know when to stay out of the way! My job was mainly to keep the girls from burning down the shop. The girls colored and danced and eventually Robert created a game for them to play...throw the washers into a box...they loved it! I did get to help tighten some nuts in the end and that was fun! I told Robert that this could be our new hobby...we could buy cars and I could watch while he fixed them up...and then I could spend all of the profit we made after we sold the cars! He just laughed at me...which is great! I love that I can make him smile with my asinine ideas! We did get the car in mostly working order. There is definetly something wrong with it...but we may actually have to take it to a mechanic to get that figured out. I got to drive it out to my parent's house. They thought it was pretty but my mom is more than convinced that I do not need a little red sports car! WHAT DOES SHE KNOW???? (I wrote that with a huge smile by the way! My mom knows many things and I just hate when she is correct!)


Jeff said...

Car looks great, and I'm sure you like driving it around for awhile before you sold it (if you already sold it). I seem to recall your mom driving Harleys; how is that different from cruisin' in a sports car? Oh wait, big difference!

jessica said...

Kept the was way too fun driving it around to let it go! Can't really afford the insurance... but who needs a budget anyway?