Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's a Girl!

No...I am not pregnant...God really wouldn't do that to me! I am responding to the breakfast that I had with my dad (really my step-dad, Willy) this morning at 6:45 AM at Cracker Barrel. (6:45AM is really the butt-crack of dawn, by the way.) During the Christmas Holidays, I told my step-dad that he needed to adopt me because he really had been my longest running father. My biological father left when I was two. My adopted father killed himself about a year after I had been adopted. My step-dad married my mom when I was almost 8 and has been there every since. He was never really allowed to be a "dad" because my mom was afraid that with my history of abuse having him punish me would be harmful. I understand why she felt that way and I know she did the best that she could, but I have always had the thought that I might not have been so promiscuous if there had been a daddy watching over me.

Well, apparently my step-dad has been obsessing about the suggested adoption since Christmas. He called last week to see if I would go eat lunch with him...I thought I was in trouble for possibly leaving my husband so I said yes, but I have been putting it off. I called him yesterday and decided that I would meet him for breakfast since the kids and Robert would be asleep and I wouldn't have to worry about childcare. He seemed really nervous and I couldn't figure out why...and then he told me why...he wanted to adopt me but he was worried I would say no. Why would I say no? It was my idea! So...with all that said, my step-dad is going to adopt me. Did I mention that I am 30 yrs old and married with two kids? My husband laughed at me...Apparently he thinks the idea of adopting an adult child is silly...but at some level, I think this is exactly what I need. To know that I have a daddy who will fight for me and love me and take care of me might help me with some of my issues. I will keep you posted on the details...I wonder how much work this is going to be?

On a completely different friend Barbara had a red camero that the engine died on so she took it to the Lawrence Hall (where my husband works) and traded it in for $500. My husband has an engine that he could just drop into it so he is now at work trying to buy me a red camero!!! Did I mention that Texas has this new points system for driver's licenses and I have already reached my points quota for THREE YEARS...that is what happens when you get 4 tickets in less than a year...and my husband is considering giving me a red camero with an LT1 in it????? He really should reconsider! OR....I should just realize that while the car will go fast I should not drive it over the speed limit...and I should wear my seatbelt!! Hmmm...that is a thought!!!



holly said...

Way to go Dad.

HolyMama! said...

he sounds so wonderful - what a great dad! i'm a mom of 4. 1 is adopted, and the other 3 aren't, and you know what? it just doesn't make a shred of difference. My daughter and I celebrate our Adoption Day every year.