Sunday, April 09, 2006

Best Cereal Ever I have nothing intellectual to discuss today...BUT...I have found the best breakfast cereal ever!!! Chocolately Peanut Butter Crunch!!! You should all try it! I bought a box and the girls got into I bought another box and hid it in a different cabinet so that I didn't have to share! Isn't that just awful? Being a mom has its perks...but there have been many occasions that I have learned that getting a bowl of your fave cereal isn't one of them. I don't know how many times I've thought "I would like a bowl of Corn Pops..or HoneyComb..." only to find the box empty. I guess hiding a box of cereal might be an all time low...but they are that good.

Hope you have all had a blessed weekend!



Roxanne said...

I find it wonderful that you have hidden away your box of cereal. . .we mommies have to do that at times. I share most of everything I have--including my personal space--with my husband and my children. This was especially evident during church this morning when I a child draped over both sides of me fighting for lap space. My comment to my husband was, "Everyone, including you, has wallowed on me since I've gotten up this morning."

An occasional dive into self-preservation is to be expected and even embraced now and again. I am particularly selfish with my ice from Sonic. That is one thing with which I will not easily part. My own mother used to hide Almond Joys in her night stand. . .of course we discovered them, so the gig was up, and she had to find a new hiding place.

Enjoy the cereal. . .it can be like the Cheezit commercial. Tell the kids to, "Get your own box."


Anonymous said...

Talking about cereal? have you tried the latest Toasted Honey Crunch? it is delicious. I think it is part of the Raisin Bran Crunch, not sure about that. But I tried it and it is really good.