Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

After Thursday night I was not exactly looking forward to this weekend...but it ended up being a great weekend....and I didn't even have to clean my house to make it happen!

On Saturday, we went to my grandparent's house in Sweetwater. We ate lunch...fried
chicken...yum yum...and then hung out...the men around the table...the women in the living room. I bounced around a lot as a child and I spent a lot of time with grandma and grandpa. They were the one consistent thing in my life, and they have always loved me no matter what. One of my favorite memories as a child is laying on the couch with grandpa watching the rodeo while grandma cooked us popcorn on the stove. We don't fit on the couch the next best thing is to see him sitting in the chair with Kali putting together a puzzle or teaching her to play dominoes. It has been difficult to watch my grandparents age, but I love that my kids have developed a relationship with them. By the way, Kali beat grandpa in dominoes...95 to 70.

When we got home last night, the Easter bunny put together the girl's baskets...this morning Megan asked me "Since when does the bunny give us new socks?" What can I say...they needed socks and what better way to fill up the extra space in the basket...guess I won't try that again!

After church we went to my cousin's house for lunch and an egg hunt. I love my Aunt Sandy (really cousin Sandy, but I call her aunt) she is a lot like me...loud and honest. When she found out my parents were going to be gone she told Kim (her friend) to call me and invite us to lunch. We had such a great time and it made me realize that even if my own parents do not want to have family time together...there is nothing keeping us from hanging out with extended family.

As I sign off tonight I ask you to keep my grandparents in your prayers this week. Grandma has an infection in the knee that she had replaced about 5 yrs ago. They are going to take out the knee tomorrow, put in a spacer, and pump her full of antibiotics for 8 weeks. If the infection clears they will put in a new knee in 10 weeks...if the infection doesn't clear they will fuse her leg bones together and she will just have a straight leg. The next 8 weeks will give us an idea of what that would be like! Pray that the infection clears and that the next 8 weeks are manageable. Grandma had a double mastectomy in ' those days they took muscles from your she is going to have a difficult time pushing herself up with her weak arms without putting pressure on her leg and grandpa has a bad back and can't really pull her up! I will keep you posted...Surgery is at 7:30am!



Sarah said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on what to pray for!

I got to spend Easter with "family" -- friends that we are close to, since we don't have any family in town. I decided that family that you get to choose for yourself is way more fun than blood family! :-)

jessica said...

Amen! I have a deep need for family, but since we don't talk to Robert's family and my family has no need for fellowship I think we will have to make our own family group!

holly said...

Next time remove the easter grass and use the socks as grass. Maybe it won't be so noticable that way.

Roxanne said...

Praying for Grandma. . .I'm glad your day turned out more pleasant than you thought. I had my own times of family togetherness (my husband's, not mine) that I was dreading. . .and although not idyllic was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.