Thursday, April 20, 2006


I was perusing the web this morning and came across a link on my MSN home page that said "The breast pump takes off" and I thought...hmmm, what's that about. I clicked on the link and this is what I found.

While I am not currently breast feeding, I am a working mother...and I do not work "to get away from them." Things like this irritate the crap out of me because I know many, many good mothers...mothers who are much better at it than me...who work because to support the family. For me, work is about self-fulfillment, the feeling of satisfaction after a successful lecture...and a means to support my sometimes expensive Target habit. I think I just might to email this woman and let her know my frustration. Here is the link to the article.



holly said...

might be an interesting tidbit for your paper

Rebecca said...

That's sad. I have a Medela, from when I found out I was having twins, but I've hardly used it, because they all hated bottles. That was fine by me. It's such a brief period of life anyway, compared to the rest of it. I like getting away now and then, but I definitely wouldn't call it a "deep urge."

In fact, when I was teaching, I always felt torn between being home with the kids and leaving. Both mothering and teaching were fulfilling and enjoyable. But if my mom hadn't been there to keep them, I don't think I could have done it. Yet I know lots of great moms who work full time and feel perfectly at ease about it. Families are very different from one another. Why do people have to be so black-and-white about it?