Friday, April 14, 2006

The Phone Call

I will start this by saying that I do love my parents...but what you are about to read is my rant about their behavior from last night.

My dad called at 9:30pm to tell me Mom was having chest pains and he was at Hendrick's with her, but that I was not allowed to come to the hospital. WHAT?!! Being the obedient child that I am (ha) I waited patiently for the next call. It probably helped that I was at the Bean Counter with friends from church who did a great job of distracting me...if you haven't been you should go look at the art work and see what the images make you think of. Anyway, Dad finally called back about 10:30pm to tell me the EKG was normal and that they would be going home in a bit; but the dr. thought this was a wake up call and basically, Mom needs to slow down. She will undergo a stress test next week and they will try to figure out what is going on.

Now for the parents were planning a weekend away...don't even get me started about this weekend away, I mean what type of grandparents don't want to see their grandkids hunt eggs? I assumed with Mom's chest pains they would cancel their trip and we would have some type of family get together...I was even prepared to clean my house and cook a meal. Boy, I could not have been more wrong! Of course they are still going on their trip, on their motorcycles, to some hick town, because mom needs to relax. Well, have a good time...hope the hick town has a hospital...just in case!



Rebecca said...

My mom found out her chest pains were really awful indigestion. I hope it's something simple!

holly said...

Well I know how truely chest pains can become serious. I also know that with very diligent work heart conditions can be maintained, at least hopefully for years. My Dad had his first heart attack 12 years ago. It is a blessing that she had pains...their are many who never get this wake up call.I know that your mother hurts you, and that makes me sad. I am sorry for that. As for easter....Clean you house, make that meal, and enjoy that egg hunt. Invite friends, or Carrie. Do it on your own, but make it a holiday to be proud of. You be the mother your mother isn't. Your children are loved by you, and that can be enough for them.

jessica said...

Thanks for the support guys! It means a lot! I am sure she will be fine...she is just stubborn enough to do it! Have a great Easter weekend!

Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

I agree, and it is soo much easier just to laugh at them. It works much better than hating them forever. Hah. Well, I hope you had an excellent Easter weekend, and I hope your Mom is in good health. Make the most of the holiday, and don't let your parent's ruin it!